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Far Eastern University
“My talented colleagues and I provided business consulting services to our Australian client, Beaumont People. We gave them advice that will help them accomplish their objectives as well as a market perspective, in-depth competitor analysis, Industry analysis, and suggestions. I was able to appreciate the profession beyond the theoretical knowledge that I obtained from Far Eastern University. Through this training, I was able to put what I had learned into practice, which improved my interpersonal skills even more.”
Narayana Business School
“Understanding real work situations, brainstorming and finding solutions. The Project Based Virtual Internship with Skilledfield, Australia boosted the way I work, established a team player and leader within me.”
Yashika Sareen
Far Eastern University
“This program allowed me to collaborate with diverse students in multidisciplinary backgrounds from three universities: University of New South Wales and Victoria University in Australia and Far Eastern University in the Philippines, where we acted as business consultants for our Australian client company. We provided our client SCQA Analysis, Market analysis: Market overview, SWOT analysis, PESTLE analysis, Competitor analysis, customer analysis, recommended business opportunities through design thinking refinement, analysis and conclusion, to produce valuable and beneficial report with actionable insights that will help the client’s team in achieving the company goals. The program provided me great opportunities to gain international experience, enter to a wider network, and honed my global skills to a virtual network where I can also apply my knowledge in Accounting, to create value and impact into the real industry challenges in agile environment.”
Charlene Marie Estorco
ISBR Business School
“The Internship at ECA was a great opportunity to learn to provide creative ideas and deal with the challenges. It also helped us to foster and further strengthen innovation mind-set within the company. We will benefit from it by integrating the knowledge and learning wherever possible in our future projects and create new challenges out of them. I would like to thank ECA for providing me with such an opportunity and also would like to thank all my teammates for the creative and fun ideas which helped us get so much internal success and for their support throughout the whole process”
Anjali Vinod
Far Eastern University
“My internship at the Education Centre of Australia has been an incredible experience. I was able to work as a business consultant and work alongside with my teammates from Far Eastern University in the Philippines, Asia Pacific International College, and University of New South Wales in Australia. Our team conducted market research, industry outlook, and business option analysis for an Australian-based organization. Working with the Australian organization and dealing with actual industry challenges with diverse teammates had been the most rewarding and eye-opening experience. The program enabled me to apply what I have learned as an undergraduate of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at Far Eastern University. I was able to put my academic knowledge into practice in a real-world corporate setting and gain insightful information.”
Jaimes Tereul
Victoria University
This program connected me with two other University Students in Australia and the Philippines, where we acted as business consultants. We engaged in analysing potential customers and marketing strategies for a Traumatic brain injury (TBI) Diagnostics company looking to expand its presence in the medical industry. The program provided me with a great opportunity to use the knowledge, skills, abilities learned over the duration of my Academic studies, gaining valuable insight into the real-life application of business operations.
Far Eastern University
“This program is best for those who are looking for an internship program where they can apply the knowledge that they learned in college and those who want to build foundation to prepare for work after college.”
Razaele Kayla Ortega
Far Eastern University
“The program experience gave me the confidence to pursue things I was afraid to try.”
Zandra Dainelle Palad
Far Eastern University
“This experience provided emphasis on intricate aspects of business operations.”
Marvin Cobrado
Far Eastern University
“I have always wanted to exchange ideas with a diverse group and ECA gave me more than that. Through Project-Based Experiential Learning, i was able to work with amazing people from different backgrounds and diverse views. I have learned to be more effective in project management. I am truly proud of myself.”
Aleah Jehan Abuat
Far Eastern University
The Project-Based Experiential Learning program was the start for me to be open to a lot of great opportunities out there. I met a lot of peers from Australia, Philippines and from different places around the globe, and I was able to learn a lot from them. I gained valuable insight into new skills and professionalism as I begin my career and explore the corporate world from a global perspective.
Rovelyn Palad