Turn knowledge into employment.

Bridging the gap between education and employment and preparing students to gain globally competitive skill sets.

About Employability Advantage

Creating opportunities for students

We are dedicated to providing the resources and tools necessary for university students to transition confidently into the workforce. Employability Advantage collaborates with leading corporations and educational institutions from all over the world to bring practical, specialised industry opportunities to graduates, preparing them for the modern, global job market.

An ECA Group Company

A truly global network

Education Centre of Australia is a pioneering education group offering end-to-end educational services. Over the past two decades we have transformed the lives of tens of thousands of students through English language courses, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, and targeted internships.

With a global presence across 7 regions – Australia, Brazil, China, Europe, India, Philippines & Nepal – along with a strong network of 1200+ Education Agents spread across the globe, we are able to offer truly invaluable experiences and opportunities. Our quality services are delivered in partnership with world-class institutions, including Victoria University, Swinburne University, London Metropolitan University, University of Canberra, IT Masters (Charles Sturt University), Far Eastern University (Manila), and ISBR-Bengaluru – and more to come.

Offices Worldwide

We have offices spanning the globe, connecting education and employment opportunities with a worldwide reach. By providing a bridge between the two, we are helping to create a more prosperous future for people everywhere.