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Join Our Tech Bootcamp + Live Industry Project led by experienced industry experts

Join Our Tech Bootcamp + Live Industry Project led by experienced industry experts

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6 Weeks of Live Industry Projects

Gain practical end-to-end live project experience where you get to ideate, develop requirements, build MVP, launch product, and transition with our industry partners within 6 weeks.

Scrum Team Formation

Week 1

Our process over 6 weeks starts out with the Scrum team formation, then to ideation, Sprint 1 and Build MVP, then on to release to market, and refine the application based on market feedback, and transition the digital product to BAU

Generative AI App

Week 2

Generative AI is the largest Tech Trend today. In this bootcamp, you get to build a Generative AI-enabled application with our Industry Partners. 

Scrum, Jira, Confluence

Week 3

Get immersed into a SCRUM team led by professional Product Owner / SCRUM Masters. Leverage modern tools including JIRA and Confluence and Agile best-practices.

Enhance your CV

Week 4

You will gain more experience in 6 weeks than doing a 6 months Internship in a highly structured classroom environment with a high degree of supervision and mentoring.

Modern Tech Stack

Week 5

Get exposure to modern full-stack, micro-services based architecture, based on React/Next JS, NodeJS and standard frameworks.

Cloud Native

Week 6

Gain first-hand experience in how we build, provision, deploy, secure and manage multiple environments in AWS cloud.

Learn from our Industry Experts

Callum Bir

Founder, Ausbiz Consulting Australia

Callum Bir, a seasoned professional with 25+ years of global experience in building and scaling digital products, is a former executive at Microsoft, McCann Health, Deloitte, and Oracle. His leadership spans digital transformation, coaching, and leadership development, specializing in cloud and AI transformations. With expertise in Virtual Health, Remote Patient Monitoring, Electronic Health Records, and Public Health, Callum drives impactful transformations in the public sector. Committed to advancing healthcare and technology, he showcases innovation and global scalability at the intersection of both domains.

ECA Bootcamp Teacher Dolly Tanna

Dolly Tanna

Managing Partner, Ausbiz Consulting Australia

Dolly Tanna is a distinguished figure in the technology sector, currently shining as an invaluable Industry Mentor at Employability Advantage Bootcamps. Her remarkable journey in the tech world has seen her significantly contribute to the expansion of leading technology giants including Jaggaer, ServiceNow, Snowflake, and Adobe. At Employability Advantage Bootcamps, Dolly’s role transcends that of a traditional mentor; she invests her expertise in meticulously training students in not just business acumen but also in vital soft skills and interview techniques.

Bootcamp Teacher Sergey Ermakov

Sergei Ermakov

Senior Business Analyst, Health Direct Australia

Sergei brings over 7 years of experience as a scrum master and business analyst on some of the most significant projects in the Australian Federal and State Govt. At Healthdirect, he supported the development and the launch of the Health Finder app, which was used by over 1 million users within its first week and is projected to reach over 4 million users monthly.

Bootcamp Teacher Aayush Argawal

Aayush Agrawal

Full Stack Developer, NSW Health

Aayush brings over 5 years of Full Stack Developer experience with leading agencies in Australia, including NSW Health, Optus, and Origo Education. He is proficient in using technical stacks such as NodeJS, ExpressJS, ReactJS, NextJS, and MongoDB on cloud-native platforms such as AWS and Azure.

Bootcamp Teacher Manny Se

Manny Se

Cloud Platform Engineer, Telstra

Certified in AWS and Azure, Manny brings over 7 years of cloud engineering and solutions architecture expertise within Telstra, NT State Government agencies, and two venture-backed startups. Manny has effectively managed technical portfolios of AWS & Azure native AI/ML startups, delivered full-stack machine learning products, and championed Agile delivery.

ECA Bootcamp Teacher Anmol Sharma

Anmol Sharma

Senior Business Analyst, NSW Education

Anmol Sharma is a Senior Business Analyst at NSW Education with experience in digital transformations and change management initiatives across several government agencies. Previously, Anmol has worked on prominent projects with NSW Education, NSW Health, NSW Regional, and Queensland Government. Anmol has previously built a consulting team of over 20 consultants, training them in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) using Microsoft Power platforms.

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Hear from our students Success Stories

Employabilityadvantage Student Sai Ram talking about his Bootcamp experience

I’m thrilled to share my journey from the Employability Advantage Business Analyst (User Stories) Bootcamp, guided by Callum Bir, Dolly Tanna, and Sergei Ermakov.

Here are the valuable insights I gained:
Collaborated with cross-functional teams to collect and assess business requirements for Paxform application development.
Conducted comprehensive market research, identifying industry trends and opportunities in the form-filling sector.
Contributed to the development process by creating user stories, use cases, and functional specifications.
Actively engaged in team meetings, brainstorming sessions, and project discussions, providing valuable insights and contributing to the product strategy.
Embraced the vision of eliminating paper forms and manual entries, striving for time-saving and enhanced efficiency.
My experience in the bootcamp was truly enriching, and I’m excited to apply these newfound skills and insights to future projects.

Sai Ram
ECA Student Muskaan Shaikh

As a student who’s recently finished with Masters of ERP, I had a strong desire to work as an ICT Business Analyst. However, I lacked the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in this role. That is when I decided to attend the User Story Bootcamp.

The bootcamp proved to be an invaluable experience that transformed my capabilities and confidence as a Business Analyst. Through the training, I gained a comprehensive understanding of writing and refining user stories. Moreover, I learned the SCRUM methodology, enabling me to effectively apply it in real-world projects.

The hands-on exercises provided during the bootcamp, which involved working on actual projects, equipped me with the practical skills needed to grow as an ICT Business Analyst. I am now confident in my abilities to analyze business requirements, identify stakeholder needs, and bridge the gap between business and technology.

I recommend the User Story Bootcamp to all aspiring candidates who are eager to kickstart their careers in the field of Business Analysis. It is a transformative experience that will empower you with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in this dynamic and rewarding field.


Muskaan Shaikh
ECA Student Evelyn Caviedes

I am thrilled to express my utmost satisfaction with the opportunity to learn alongside ECA & Ausbiz Consultancy. This experience has been
invaluable as it has allowed me to collaborate with industry-experienced consultants and expand my professional network for

I had the privilege to delve deep into infrastructure services and

platform services within the AWS ecosystem. This hands-on experience enabled me to acquire in-depth knowledge and skills in building scalable and secure solutions
utilizing various AWS services.

I am genuinely grateful for the growth and learning opportunities.
This experience has undoubtedly contributed to my personal and
professional development, setting a solid foundation for my future


Evelyn Caviedes Arciniegas

The Data Analyst Bootcamp provided me with practical knowledge and insights, giving me a hands-on understanding of the industry. One standout experience was working on the Portfolio Generator App, where I had the opportunity to delve into the project’s details and contribute to its success as a reporting analyst. This experience has not only boosted my skills but has also caught the attention of recruiters.

Varun Raj

The bootcamp provided me with practical and informative insights into the industry and working on the Portfolio Generator App project was a fantastic opportunity. As a Business Analyst, I had a wide range of responsibilities, from managing our Jira board to collaborating with the development team. Participating in this Bootcamp and Live Industry Project was without a doubt one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Abhiruchi Athavale

This tech bootcamp delves deep into front-end and back-end development, I’ve gained expertise in NextJS, AdonisJS, Swagger UI, AWS hosting, PostgreSQL, and effective documentation practices. I had the opportunity to create API documentation, contribute to front-end development, and tackle API-related bugs in the back end. This journey has equipped me with the expertise to thrive in the world of Full-Stack Development.

Pak Ho Wong

As a Full-Stack Developer, I worked on both the front-end and back-end components. I learned how to create visually appealing user interface and handling server-side development, database management, and data security. Throughout the project, I actively improved the app’s features such as refining existing code, optimising the user interface, and implementing updates based on user feedback.

Vyshnavi Kalluru

The Business Analyst Bootcamp has completely transformed my professional journey. This comprehensive program focuses on user story writing and Agile Scrum methods using Jira and Confluence. It has taken my skills to new heights and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone who wants to gain industry-relevant skills and fast-track their career.

Rajesh Adhikari

The program greatly boosted my professional growth in business analysis and agile project management. It improved my real-world problem-solving skills, bridged technical and non-technical communication, and enhanced my leadership in cross-functional teams. This experience honed my adaptability and Scrum proficiency while expanding my career as a Business Analyst and Scrum Master.

Sumit Jha

This program has greatly enhanced my professional growth. My technical skills have greatly improved in both frontend and backend development and I played a key role in building web pages with solid server-side logic for user interfaces. The program also offered a real-world agile work environment, fostering effective cross-functional collaboration with other teams.

Jennie Zhu

This Bootcamp’s practical application allowed me to master the art of writing concise user stories, conducting discovery sessions, and collaborating within diverse teams. The Bootcamp was designed to meet industry demands, ensuring that I acquired immediately applicable skills and also instilled in me a mindset of continuous growth and adaptability.

Atamjeet Singh

The Bootcamp and Live Industry Project has been a tremendous help in my professional growth. I gained valuable problem solving skills, became proficient collaborating in teams and meeting deadlines, and learned latest industry tools. Moreover, I had the opportunity to connect with professionals in the industry who have prepared me for future job prospects.

Kaynaat Saiyad

The Business Analyst Bootcamp and Live Industry Project greatly advanced my professional growth. It provided practical experience and deepened my expertise in BA methodologies, tools, and frameworks. As a Scrum master during the project, I managed a diverse set of responsibilities, building my skills and confidence as a Business Analyst.

Sirjan Wagle

“This project helped me practice the technology I learned in full-stack development, and I was proficient in the CI/CD opening process and modern network development technology. I developed many skills from this program which includes Next.js, TypeScript, AWS, and PostgreSQL.”

Fantai Dong

“I do think this program has helped me know more about how the work would actually get done in reality. It gives me a better spectrum. I think my Python skills have improved a lot by this program. And also, I got to know the logical process to build up my own pace for analysis.”

Jiaqi Shen

“This program focuses on practical learning opportunities, offering exposure to real-world scenarios and insights crucial for navigating industry challenges with confidence. The trainers were very generous in sharing their firsthand knowledge, making sure that their students are well-equipped with the necessary tech skills and up-to-date understanding of trends in the local tech space. I am incredibly ECA and Ausbiz Consulting for the excellent learning experience and the opportunity to establish meaningful connections that ultimately played a pivotal role in securing my desired role in the IT industry here in Australia.”

Cris Lauranne Sumera