Who should attend?

This Bootcamp and Live Industry project is ideal for individuals aiming to begin or shift their career into Data Analysis, particularly those interested in acquiring practical skills in Python programming, API development, and data analytics within the AWS ecosystem. It is especially suited for those who wish to focus on healthcare data standards like FHIR, offering a mix of theoretical and hands-on experience to prepare participants for full-time roles as Data Analysts. 


Level 4, 1/3 Fitzwilliam st, Paramatta, NSW 2150
21 May 2024
2 July 2024
13 August 2024
24 September 2024
5 November 2024
4 weeks
6 weeks
10 weeks
Weekday evenings and Saturdays

Program and Fee Options

Most sessions will be held face to face to ensure a high degree of engagement and support for learners.

4 Week

8 sessions
$ 590 pay in Full
  • You can also pay in 4-instalments
    (147.50$ per Week)

6 Weeks
Live Industry Project

Option 2
$ 690 pay in Full
  • You can also pay in 6-instalments
    (115$ per Week)

10 Weeks
Live Industry Project

Option 3
$ 1190 pay in Full
  • You can also pay in 10-instalments
    (119$ per Week)

Bootcamp Outline

Week 1

Python and API Basics

  • Introduction and overview to Python for Data Analytics.
  • Setting up Python environments. 
  • Basic Python programming concepts. 
  • Introduction to APIs, JSON, and FHIR Standards in Python.
  • Basics of REST APIs and JSON data format in Python. 
  • Introduction to FHIR standards. 
  • Creating simple JSON payloads in FHIR format using Python. 

Week 2

Building APIs and Data Mapping

  • Developing simple REST APIs in Python. 
  • Introduction to AWS Lambda and API Gateway. 
  • Using ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot for coding assistance. 
  • Advanced Features in Python APIs and AWS Services.
  • Enhancing REST APIs to handle more complex scenarios. 
  • Deeper dive into AWS Lambda and API Gateway features. 
  • Incorporating ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot in API development.

Week 3

Data Handling and Management 

  • Data Mapping from FHIR JSON to Databases.
  • Python for mapping JSON data to database structures. 
  • Introduction to AWS RDS and setting up databases. 
  • Advanced Data Management and Handling in Python.
  • Advanced data import and manipulation with Python in AWS RDS. 
  • Complex SQL operations through Python.

Week 4

Data Analysis and API Refinement

  • Data Analysis with Python and SQL.
  • Utilising Python libraries (Pandas, Matplotlib) for data analysis. 
  • Writing complex SQL queries in Python for data extraction and analysis. 
  • Finalising Python APIs and Project Completion.
  • Refining Python APIs for robust data handling and error management. 
  • Emphasis on Python’s versatility in API development and data analysis. 


While some background in data analysis methods/techniques will be helpful, no experience is needed as long as you are dedicated and eager to leearn.

On completion, participants will receive a statement of completion. Candidates completing a live industry project will also gain project experience they may want to add to their portfolio to showcase their skills to potential employers.

Most sessions will be held face to face to ensure a high degree of engagement and support for learners. Hybrid mode will be available as an option.

A full list of technologies covered is below: 

  1. Python for Data Analytics: Introduction to Python programming and its application in data analytics.
  2. REST API Development: Building and refining REST APIs using Python in AWS Lambda, integrated with AWS API Gateway.
  3. JSON and FHIR Standards: Understanding and manipulating JSON data formats, focusing on FHIR standards for healthcare data.
  4. AWS RDS and SQL: Utilise AWS RDS for database management and execute SQL queries through Python for data manipulation.
  5. Data Mapping and Management: Techniques for mapping FHIR JSON data to database structures and managing large datasets. 
  6. Data Analysis: Advanced data analysis using Python libraries like Pandas and Matplotlib. 
  7. Integration of Modern Tools: Incorporating ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot in the development process for coding assistance and accelerated learning. 
Men on laptop watching confident after completing the ECA Bootcamp