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Skill Development

Unlock full potential through curated upskilling modules

Experiential Learning

Provide opportunities for real-world work experience

Employment Readiness

Equip students with the right tools to be job-ready

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Bridging the gap from education to employment
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Campus Director and Principal – Victoria University – Sydney
‘Employability Advantage (EA) is an excellent platform to provide students with the tools and resources necessary to gain employment in their field of study. Gaining employment, post graduation, is a challenge, particularly for international students. Barriers to employment include students’ ability to navigate the recruitment and selection processes. The EA platform provides the students with opportunities to demonstrate and or refine their skill sets in their field of expertise. It also provides a tool for the development of their ability to apply for graduate positions. There is a significant responsibility for education providers to ensure that the students who graduate from their courses are equipped to obtain gainful employment in the are of their study. This EA platform, developed and provided by ECA, goes a long way to ensuring that this responsibility is fulfilled.’
Felicity Davis Rafferty
Founder and CEO, Getmee, Melbourne
‘More than ever before, in today’s employment market, graduates and students are expected to be employable with all the key skill bases covered. The Employability Advantage toolkit will enable students to develop those skills in a targeted and personalised manner. In my view as an industry partner of ECA Internships program, employability skills are essential skills that degree programs often fail to provide. Graduates with skills can immediately focus on gaining experience by contributing and being productive. Interview skills, along with specific industry related knowledge and skills will set students up for success past the interview stage allowing them to build successful careers.’
Balendran Thavarajah
Human Resources Director, Gentec – Sydney

Gentec Australia was incorporated in 2012 and is a leading provider and supplier of sustainable plumbing solutions in Australia. For the past six years, Gen Tech has been working with ECA to recruit interns. Through its Employability Advantage platform interns are better prepared or the workforce and benefit significantly from the skills. The company aims to provide the interns with opportunities to learn, grow, and have fun during their internship. They also guide and mentor the interns and have a high conversion rate of interns to full-time or part-time positions.

Miki Nyam
Executive Director – ACS Foundation, Sydney
The Australian Computer Society (ACS) Foundation was established in 2001 to assist tertiary students make the transition from their studies into the industry.  In this capacity it has a lot to do with assisting students of an international background.  We are always looking for ways to assist those students make that hard step and be successful in their career. We have partnered with ECA to promote the use of Employability Advantage more broadly – both for domestic students and international students as we feel it addresses some of the gaps that students have which holds them back.  The students have engaged with the product very enthusiastically.
Director of Studies - ECA
‘ECA’s Employability Advantage (EA) is the perfect Toolkit for a job seeker. It has a clear step by step user friendly process to help the job seeker prepare themselves. It identifies areas you may need upskilling. Once the profile is setup it presents an evaluation score and direction for the next steps to enhance your employability.’
Anil Naidu
Head Trainer - ECA
‘Integral to the system is the skills gap assessment which my users have completed at the beginning of the EA process. This provides has provided the user with a personalised gap analysis between their current skill base and the expectations of positions. While it is fine to identify the gaps, the EA tool through its partnership with LinkedIn Learning enables the users to address skills gaps both technical skills and soft skills supported by verified certification. Overall, the Employability Advantage program is an awesome tool to enable users to get the job of their dreams.’
Peter Millard

Skill Development

Partnering with LinkedIn Learning, we offer students specific, role-based learning pathways that provide both the technical and smart skills needed to tackle any workplace challenge head-on.

Experiential Learning

Through international, project-based learning, students gain invaluable real-world experience to build professional communication, critical thinking, and problem solving competencies. This unique opportunity allows students to gain a global perspective and develop practical skills, entering into the workforce with a competitive edge.

Employment Readiness

We empower students with the tools to create polished, professional resumes and prepare for interviews with poise and assurance. Our AI-powered resume tool and simulated interviews provide students with the resources to be job ready as soon as they graduate.