Skill Development

Our goal is to provide opportunities for students to develop job-ready technical and smart skills, preparing them for their chosen fields. We strive to create engaging and meaningful learning pathways that help students reach their full potential.

Build on the skills of your students

Increase the value of education

Employability Advantage equips students with the tools to recognise their strengths and identify their weaknesses, rounding out and upgrading their skill sets with comprehensive, curated learning modules, as well as over 17,000 short course options for skill and certification development.

Diagnostic Tools

Bridge the skills gap

Students take a diagnostic assessment tailored to their specific field of study to benchmark their skill set. With results in hand, they can identify any gaps in their knowledge and ensure that their skills and competencies are up-to-date with the expectations of the industry.

Smart Skills

Interpersonal development

Employment readiness means more than the knowledge you possess. Having smart skills such as negotiation, conflict resolution, and emotional intelligence can help graduates work more effectively in teams and navigate toward leadership opportunities.

Tech Skills

Up-to-date industry knowledge

Employers demand more from graduates than just a university degree. Students can supplement their education with career specific modules and certifications to ensure they stand out with the latest technical qualifications on their CV.