Student FAQs

Everything you need to know about securing a career with Employability Advantage.

Let’s face it, you’ve just completed or are about to complete your graduation and are quite concerned about the skills you need for the roles you plan to apply for. You’re simply not sure if you have the technical and soft skills as well as the confidence to get the roles you want.

Employability Advantage solves this problem in a few simple steps. It helps you:

  • Understand your skillset & identify the missing skills > with our Diagnostic Tool
  • Bridge the skills gap by adding the missing skills > with our Tech and Smart Skills Tool
  • Helps you build and polish how you sell yourself > With our AI-driven Resume and Interview Tool

By gaining deep insight into your own skill gaps and then being able to bridge those gaps, you are on your way to standing out in just a few weeks. Further using our Artificial Intelligence-based resume and interview simulation tools, you are able to paint a better picture of yourself to the world and significantly enhance your job prospects.

The Employability Advantage Upskill tool allows you to take a technical skills assessment across 25+ career choices. You get to instantly know your skills gap and are then able to probe deeper into these areas to see how you can bridge this gap and raise your skill level to what industry demands.

Sample technical skills assessment result for Business Analyst career choice.

The result sheet clearly demonstrates areas of strength (full black circles) and areas where skills are weak and need to be developed (partially white to fully white circles)

Sample technical skills assessment result sheet

On completion of the technical skills assessment, you get access to three other areas. This includes access to curated learning paths on LinkedIn Learning as well as full access to over 17,000 short courses, access to an artificial intelligence-based resume tool and an interview simulation tool to help you build interview confidence across 120+ job roles.

Access to the resume tool, tech and smart skills tool and interview simulation tool is provided on completion of the diagnostic assessment.

Project-Based Experiential learning (PBEL) involves a team of 5 students from diverse backgrounds (both cultural and field of study related) working as consultants to an Australian organisation solving real work problems. You gain practical international exposure, a better understanding of working with diversity, deepen your own critical thinking skills and learn to comprehend the value of time management under tight deadlines.

On completion, you gain an experience certificate from ECA, reference from the host organisation and a digital badge from Practera you can easily add to your LinkedIn Profile. The most significant benefit is practical employability skills gained through real work project experience.

The Project-Based Experiential Learning (PBEL) program takes place over 3-4 weeks on average. In order to ensure this does not clash with university scheduled classes, program dates are planned, and students are notified 4 weeks in advance. Besides scheduled calls with industry stakeholders, most interaction time is planned by the student group themselves based on the geo-location of the team members. Students can expect to spend 2 hours a day on average towards their project.

Employability Advantage Upskill is best suited for learners of the following key fields. This includes:

  • Accounting
  • Business Management: Marketing Management, Human Resources, Finance, Strategy/Consulting, B2B Sales Management, Operations Management, Advertising/Media
  • Digital Marketing, Social Media Management
  • Information Technology: Business Analyst, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Network Admin, DevOps, Big Data, Developer/Programmer, Mobile App Developer
  • Learning and Development
  • Project Management
  • Banking
  • Teaching and Education
  • Logistics

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It is recommended for students who have completed at least 50% of their degree course or 50% of their diploma post year 12 (HSC). Students who have not completed the recommended study level will not be eligible to apply.

In the recent past students have worked on projects with a range of companies across industry sectors. Here are a few examples:

  • GetMee – Ed Tech
  • Beaumont People – Human Resources
  • CSIRO AgData – Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
  • SkilledField – Cybersecurity Technology
  • Hnry – Financial Services and Insurance
  • Global Foam – Professional, Scientific and Technical Services.
  • Mute – Ride Share Technology